Are My Feelings of Guilt Normal?

Yes! One of the most cited emotional experiences of caregiving is the feelings of guilt. In my professional and personal experience, every caregiver expresses feeling guilty. Often people even recognize that they have not done anything wrong, yet they still feel guilty. 

What individuals feel guilty about:

Does that sound familiar? I bet you can relate and you can come up with additional ones not listed.

Having feelings of guilt is normal, and there are techniques you can practice to allow these feelings to be less intense. Often feeling guilty is a way to grasp onto the idea that you are in control. Perhaps these feelings of guilt are showing you how deeply you care?

In this free Guilt While Caregiving Webinar you will learn about many different aspects of guilt. Together we will explore:

Having the ability to name these feelings will help you tame them (#nameittotameit). You will also recognize how common and normal your experience of guilt is in the role of caregiving. Using these specific tools to allow the guilt to pass will allow you to remain a calm, compassionate, connected caregiver!

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