Be a Calm. Compassionate. Connected. Caregiver!

Hi, I’m Daniella. I support caregivers throughout the marathon of caring for a loved one. I help individuals understand and process the emotional impacts of caregiving, reducing stress, burnout, and frustration. I want you to be the best version of yourself while being dedicated to your loved one!

I consult with people willing to take a deep dive into their relationship with themselves and their loved ones while caregiving.

If one or more of these feel true, you deserve to find support for yourself, and I want to help you!

This is more than you expected when you signed up to be a caregiver for a loved one.

You may feel that everything is too much and there is nothing you can do to change the outcome for your loved one. They did not choose these difficult transitions — nor did you.

And when you get home, you are expected to balance it all while finding time to connect with friends and family. As a caregiver, it is hard to prioritize your own needs as there is always more that you could do for your loved one. I get it, being overwhelmed and exhausted is real!

That Is why I created this 6 week program for you!

Your time matters too

Imagine understanding and being intentional about navigating your feelings of grief, anger, or deep sorrow as they arise. With the right skills and awareness these emotions can come and go like waves. Knowing your emotions can help you calm down before talking to family members or having to make big decisions.


Imagine your ability to stay engaged with caregiving without feeling burnt out or emotionally numb!


Envision yourself feeling less isolated and having a place to turn to for emotional support.


It could simply just be wanting to take time for yourself without feeling guilty: A long-drawn out bath instead of a 5 minute shower or having a meal sitting down instead of wolfing down your meals standing up.

Your role as a caregiver is unique and you do this difficult work out of love. Instead of not having enough time for yourself leading to health concerns or difficulties in your relationships, you will be able to acknowledge your personal experience, practice specific strategies, and show up for your loved ones. I want you to be equipped with self knowledge and strategies during the marathon of caregiving. I get you, I understand what it’s like to be a caregiver, trying to balance it all, managing all the variety of needs, endless tasks, and the expectations…

I’m Daniella Marchick, MS LPC CRC.

I’m a board-certified Professional Counselor and Caregiver Consultant. I always considered myself pretty good at being with people during difficult life transitions and having a deep well of compassion. After all, I successfully completed graduate school while working at a geriatric activities day center. According to recent research, 17- 35% of family caregivers rate their health between fair to poor. I had a deeper understanding of how caregiving impacts health after actively caring for my grandmother who lived with Alzheimer’s for 15 years. As I continue on this journey, my passion for supporting caregivers and understanding families’ needs continues to grow. I am very appreciative of the hard work that caregivers do to manage care and support their loved ones.

It has been an honor to be a volunteer support group facilitator for the Portland Alzheimer’s Association. However, I found there to be a lack of support specifically around the deep emotions of caregiving.

I want to use my knowledge of mental health and the demands of caregiving, to empower caregivers to be as prepared and present in their experience.

Be a Calm. Compassionate. Connected. Caregiver!

If you are a caregiver and ready to reclaim your emotional wellbeing, click below to learn more about the group program.

See if it is a good fit for you!

“I feel more confident in my ability to remain calm while I make difficult decisions about my mom’s care. Plus, I know that I am not alone.”

– Paul S.

“Being with others who are facing similar challenges validates my experience. I now know that I am not being overly emotional.”

– Alice J.