Taking care of a loved one is a marathon, YOU deserve to be supported so that you can show up with love and intention!

Being in a support group is very helpful for caregivers and truly all humans. First you may want to consider what it is you are wanting from this group. For example, am I looking for information about my loved one’s disease? Am I looking for local resources? Am I looking for a space for my own emotions? Is it important for me that it is hosted by a social worker or therapist? Am I open to doing it virtually? Am I comfortable with an open format that the people may change session to session or is it important for me to be with the same group of people each time? Or am I looking for a grief group?

The best way to start looking for local support groups is to contact your areas on aging department. Also, local or state chapters of the Alzheimer’s Association, heart disease, specific cancer diagnoses etc. are great places to start. Also, the medical social workers at your local clinics or hospitals should be good resources to find a local group. Lastly, Psychology Today’s website is a tool to find local therapist and groups that they are offering.

Yes! I get it you are a caregiver there is always a factor of who knows what the day is going to bring. All of the sessions will be recorded for you to watch at a later time. That being said, a big part of this program is the in-person experiences and interactions amongst group members. If you know that you will be missing more than one sessions (not including the optional social hour support group) than I ask for you to consider if this is the right time to participate. A big part of a Caregiver remaining healthy is prioritizing their own health for at least a few hours a week. I know it is tough with the endless tasks of life and caregiving, but you deserve to invest in your won wellbeing!

The 6 week program contains a 2 hour teaching experiential session concentrating on two emotions each week, an optional social hour support group, and an hour of Daniella answering direct questions you may have. That’s 4 hours of time a week (24 hours total) with a consultant specializing in the emotional wellbeing of caregivers!

The program costs $995 and can be paid in full via cash or credit card. Or make three installments of $331.

You are getting 4 hours of time a week for just $165 (that’s equivalent to one individual therapy session). 

Do you consider yourself a caregiver? What I mean by that is you are helping a loved one with a disease or Elderhood with daily tasks, finances, medical appointments or other needs to support their life. Or do you see that you will be stepping into this role for your spouse, parent or dear friend soon? If you answered yes, then you are a good fit. The most important thing about joining this program is your willingness to look at the emotional impacts of being a care partner and having a desire to try tools to make the difficult path of caregiving a bit easier. Your emotions are normal and often offer insight when we allow ourselves to slow down and listen to them. You do not need to figure this out alone, let me help you as you help take care of our community!

Still unsure if this program is for you? Reach out and I am happy to connect with you individually and together we will figure out if this program will help you.

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