Calm. compassionate. Connected. Caregiver program

Taking care of a loved one is a marathon, YOU deserve to be supported so that you can show up with love and intention!

As a caregiver, it is hard to prioritize your own needs as there is always more that you could do for your loved one. Are you spending time on the following?

This can be a full-time job by itself!

You may wonder if you really have time to do something for your own wellbeing or are you putting it off until things “settle?”

Research shows a staggering 40% to 70% of family caregivers have clinically significant symptoms of depression. Be proactive as a calm, compassionate, connected caregiver while not neglecting your mental wellbeing!

You need emotional resilience to continue to be an excellent caregiver. Prioritizing yourself enables you to show up without burning out. Because if you burn out, it’s not just you that suffers, so do your loved ones.

Even though it feels impossible right now, taking care of yourself is necessary.

In this 6-week group program you will learn to navigate your emotions instead of avoiding, numbing, or ignoring them. Each session you will gain insight about specific emotions and supportive tools, all while feeling the community of fellow caregivers.

All emotions are natural, yet some are more difficult to face. Navigating the whole range of emotions allows us to have more access to ourselves. The only way for caregiving to not have long-term impact on the caregiver’s health is through balancing the acts of self-care and emotional relief.

About the program

Build the emotional resiliency tools that allow you to show up calmly and confidently in all situations.

You will be able to:

Gaining personal clarity while honoring and embracing the rollercoaster of emotions allows you to be a calm, compassionate, and connected caregiver.

Tired of feeling depleted? Invest in yourself through a virtual community that meets weekly for 6 weeks.

Not only will you have the opportunity to embrace how these emotions show up during the caregiving process, you will feel the support of a community.

Here is what we cover in each 111 minute group learning session:

On a separate day an optional 60-minute support group is available to discuss and brainstorm other aspects of caregiving.

Once a week I will answer personal questions that are submitted.

Starting November 2022 there will be two groups offered. There will be a bye week November 21 – 27, exactly halfway through the program.

Oak Group ($995)
Wednesdays 2 hours (9am PST/12pm EST/ 6pm CET)
Fridays 1 hour (9am PST/12pm EST/ 6pm CET)

Redwood Group ($1495)
Sundays 2 hours (9am PST/12pm EST/ 6pm CET)
Fridays 1 hour (12pm PST/ 3pm EST/9pm CET)

Want to be a calm, compassionate, connected caregiver?

Taking care of a loved one is often a thankless job filled with obligations, guilt, and sacrifices. THANK YOU for supporting our community!

I’ve been assisting caregivers and expanding my knowledge for 15 years. My interest piqued as I helped care for my Granny, Frances, who lived with Alzheimer’s for 15 years. Having grown up ten minutes away from my grandparents, she was my everything – my continued access to sweets and my role model.

I have been committed to assisting caregivers in a range of professional roles (Therapist, Adult Day Services, & Consultant), volunteer opportunities (Alzheimer’s Association Support Group Facilitator & Meals on Wheels), and personal experiences.

As a consultant who specializes in working with caregivers, I am passionate about individuals creating a balanced life while caring for others! I have seen numerous times that when a caregiver prioritizes caring for themselves, it provides a strong foundation to reduce burnout, navigate difficult conversations with family members, and stay resilient throughout the caregiving experience. I want to see you thrive in the role of caregiving.

Please contact me with any clarifying questions or to save your spot in the group.

Stay on top of my tips and tricks to help you!

Want to be a calm, compassionate, connected caregiver?


Taking care of a loved one is often a thankless job filled with obligations, guilt, and sacrifices. THANK YOU for supporting our community!